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“SWIFT PERFORMANCE PRO – Comprehensive optimization plugin for WordPress”

“When using WordPress, using additional cache technology is almost mandatory if you want your website to be truly fast in terms of meeting the “load in 1 second” criteria. This is completely true, sometimes the page loading time is only about 300 milliseconds when there is cache.

When it comes to cache, we have many choices through the use of free plugins such as WP Super Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, W3 Total Cache and many other paid plugins like WP Rocket, Swift Performance Pro.

After a long time using different cache plugins, both paid and free, I would like to review and share my personal experience with a plugin that I think is full of the necessary features to optimize the speed of the website, which is Swift Performance Pro.”

Why is it Swift Performance Pro?

Typically, to optimize a website, many different components have to be optimized such as:

  • Creating a cache for every page on the website
  • Optimizing CSS and Javascript to reduce connections in the browser
  • Optimizing images by compressing them, using .webp format, lazyloading, etc.
  • Turning off unnecessary components on WordPress
  • Optimizing the database by reducing the volume and deleting unnecessary components.
  • Usually, for the above tasks, one would use several different plugins, especially for image optimization.

However, with Swift Performance, it can serve all the above requirements. I have completely dropped the Imagify plugin, saving $5 per month.

In terms of price, Swift Performance Pro currently has a starting price of $39 per year for use on 1 website, $100 for 4 websites, and $200 for unlimited websites. Overall, these prices are quite reasonable and cheaper than other cache plugin options.

If you need to try it out, you can use the free Swift Performance Lite.

High compatibility I have used Swift Performance Pro on many different types of webservers and it is fully compatible with Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX.

If you use NGINX, when configuring, it will provide rewrite rules for easy insertion into the webserver, almost as if you just have to insert them into the website's NGINX configuration file and it will run.

swift performance pro nginx -

“Easily get the NGINX configuration based on the plugin settings For webservers using Apache or LiteSpeed Webserver Enterprise, it automatically inserts rewrite rules into the .htaccess file without any additional action.

“PageSpeed score increase” ability Although I am not a big “green point” fan of PageSpeed Insights, when I turned on the features that I think should be used on Swift Performance Pro, my PageSpeed score also improved significantly.”

swift performance pagespeed -

“Easy to Configure and Customize”

Swift Performance Pro can be called complex and difficult to configure, because it has many configurations if you switch to Advanced View to display advanced options.

But it is also referred to as easy to configure because when you install it, you can use the Use Preset feature and it provides you with 5 different configurations depending on the optimization level, the higher the optimization, the stronger the host/server required.”

swift performance config -

“GUIDE TO THE SPECIAL FEATURES OF SWIFT PERFORMANCE PRO This plugin has many options for you to optimize as you wish, but in this part I will go over the main features and explain in detail so you understand each function, and then consider if the features in this plugin are suitable or not.

The features I mention below may require a paid license to use, the free version will be limited in many features.

Before configuring, you should switch to the Advanced View mode because many of the options I mention below will not be displayed in Simple View mode.”

swift performance pro advanced view -

Warmup – Pre-build website cache:

With the cache creating plugins that we used before, the cache would be created when a page was loaded for the first time. For example, if the page didn't have a cache yet, the first visitor would experience a slow loading time because the page would be processed while saving the cache to the system.

With the Warmup feature of Swift Performance, the cache will be automatically pre-built and operate invisibly on the website.

To turn it on, go to Settings => Warmup and check the Prebuild Cache Automatically option, and pay attention to the following options:”

swift performance pro prebuild -


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